Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Burqa Ban in France

This is a letter sent to The Irish Times on Wed.

(To the Editor: I do not expect The Irish Times to print my letter(s),
for as the former Director of the CIA, William Colby
once noted that the CIA has someone [usually on the editorial
board] working for them on any major newspaper of I will
post it in my developing blog:(

The Burqa Ban:

The passage of the burqa ban in France
(World News, Tues.13 July 2010) has nothing
to do with 'protecting women’s rights', Mr. Sarkozy.
And, even less to do with ''dignity, equality and transparency,”
Ms. Alliot-Marie.

This is an attack against Muslim people, and their
beliefs everywhere. Since 9/11 the world has witnessed
a steady and concerted effort by Western leaders to demonize
and criminalize a people based upon their religious beliefs or ethnicity.
The last time the results were gas chambers.

But, it starts out with discrimination against those 'others'.

I grew up outside of Boston in the 1950s-60s. My Irish-American
mother was a devout Catholic. She regularly wore a head scarve
to church. The wearing of head covering for women is a part of the
religious traditions of Jews, Christians and Muslims.

I have great respect for Muslim religious practice. Like many in the
West I go to church for funerals and weddings. And, like most Westerners
I pray whenever I buy a lotto ticket...actually, before I buy the ticket.

Will the French authorities be breaking down the doors of Catholic
convents to liberate those poor women from their burqa-like dress.
I doubt it. And, hey, what about the Pope, the Cardinals and
Bishops who daily walk around wearing a burqa-like dress, sans the face

Like all unjust laws, this one must be vigorously opposed.The author is
a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran.

Paul Meuse
Kloosterstraat 80
2021 VP Haarlem

mobile: 00-31626039363

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