Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letter sent to Irish Examiner Wed. 28 April 2010

This was a tongue-in-cheek letter sent as a response
to an article stating that Ireland was going to crack
down on people who let their dogs crap in public.

It's about time ('Time to cry foul on dog owners with ‘sting’ operation' April 28, 2010). Let me offer a few suggestions.

Most people successfully train their dogs not to crap in their homes by rubbing their dogs nose in the feces. I believe that this method works just as well on any adult who lets his dog deficate in public. Okay, it make take a few times than it would a dog, but it's sure to work more effectively than a fine. And, the person will learn just like their smells and tastes horrible;-)

Finally, this should be done to all politicians, bankers, developers et al responsible for the economic MESS that they have created!
Paul Meuse

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