Friday, November 6, 2009

I Support War Resisters; do you?

For those who have not heard
the Wars of Terror launched by
the rogue elements of the United States
intelligence-military black ops etc in the
deliberate 'False Flag attacks on 9/11 just
claimed 11 more lives.

I am referring to the killing of 11 soldiers and
wounding of 31 more at Fort Hood, Texas. Army
Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an army psychiatrist walked
into base Soldier Readiness Center (SRS). This is where
soldiers who are to deploy to war zones or are returning
for medical screening.

Like death in war or any tragic death it is hard to make
sense of, and one can only be a lifetime of grief for those
left behind.

But, above all it is a call for mass resistance.
These wars will end when the soldiers refuse to
engage in combat, and some will start
turning their guns on their officers. That's what
stopped the Viet Nam War.

To me, what our military and civilian leaders are doing to
a generation of men and women is absolutely criminal.
Afraid to initiate a draft for an unpopular war our leaders
keep sending these men and women back for repeated
tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When there is a surge...there is also a surge in
the children of military personnel seeking mental
health help. Divorce rates for those in the war shoot
off the charts.

And the mental trauma is always there.

If these wars are so noble then why are no Bush family
members rushing to enlist?

Why do most politicians children escape this too?

It is not just time for resistance but rebellion. Our
leaders are traitors and work for the financial interest
who actually own America.

For me war in Viet Nam means listening to the screams
of men in the daark as they are being knifed to death...
and then being exploded(sappers)...and then having to
clean up their remains the next morning.

Stop this war and hold those criminals accountable.

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